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Default Re: Race Weekend Discussion Thread v. 3/26-28

Originally Posted by Tekknikal View Post
no word yet.

picture posting has begun, starting with friday's test & tune, here:
the first post in this thread has been updated.
i try not to talk too much shit here and everywhere else. we came with an understanding that STX people will come together and whoop st thomas ass....... and we were successful. i do have to applaud the guys from tortola. they came over here to run and thats exactly what they did. they managed to hit 11.5$$$$ with what they brought over. but they were seriously impressed with our full interior street driven rotaries. if nothing else i will say everyone in the VI respects our cars and everyone knows we dont talk no shit, we will help anyone and everyone including hill street. you guys need a hand just call me and let me know. 340-277-2042, i am willing to lend a hand to anyone that will come out and represent. you guys think there is some big beef between me and thomas aka "korruption" these guys are family to me and anything i can do to make them faster i will gladly do. thomas, jun jun, you know its all love. anytime you need anything dont hesitate to call me. i was really glad to see pappy car come out and represent. my car broke on the line first time out, but i am really proud of st croix for really rallying together and repping STX to the fullest. nothing but love to everyone that came out, thank you all. no worries, rotary representing STX this year. the game is over...........
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